marți, 14 decembrie 2010

My therapeutic view

It is based on the 30 years of experience, which I have dedicated to study, research and practice in the field of different methods of complementary and alternative medicine. I mostly approached fields of great importance like: phytotherapy, aromatherapy, apitherapy, homeopathy and dietotherapy, which allowed me to develop a model of personal natural therapy and a specific view on health and illness.

Key elements of this therapeutic model are:

1. Prevention (prophylaxis) of illnesses.

2. Use of natural means to prevent and treat different diseases.

3. Use of ecological products (herbs and aromatic plants, bee products, vegetables and fruits, spices) for cure.

4. The synergy of potentiation of the different complementary and alternative methods used to prevent and treat  diseases.

5. Use of the traditions of popular medicine (ethnoiatry) in the actual therapeutics.

6. Obtaining therapeutic products of very good quality by the use of some valuable local raw materials and modern production and control methods.

7. Avoiding the so-called “therapeutic vegetarianism”, which does not exclude the use of allopathic medicines in urgent situations. 

8. Tackling health and disease through a holistic view, which sees the human body as an integer by a metastable balance in which the micro-universe specific to the living creature is being integrated in the macro-universe.

9. The change of the life style to prevent and treat different illnesses.

10. The concept of wellness to keep the human body healthy.

The key words of my therapeutic model  are:

natural - ecological - traditional - of quality - preventive - synergic - holistic - life style - wellness

This original therapeutic model allow persons, who want to prevent diseases or their treatment, if they already exist, through the change of their life style. The development of a healthy concept to live in a world, in which the diseases of civilization (cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer), the aviary flue, swine flue, hepatitis, aso, as well as the vices( smoking, alcohol, drugs) produce millions of victims. 

                                                        Dr.Rosenberg Ladislau - doctornatura

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